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Saturday, February 22, 2020

Kindred's supplements include: Mary Ruth's Vegan Liquid Iron (gut issues affect her absorption so she is always borderline anemic). KAL Immuno-Raptor with Beta Glucan (we did this daily when she was in school & kept catching respiratory bugs) and KAL Zinc Elderberry during flu season. We try to get daily sun for Vitamin D in the summer but we supplement Garden of Life VitD gummies during winter months when we don't get outside as much and the sun's rays aren't as potent. I trust GoL and I like that they are 800IUs versus the 400IUs we typically see in a kids supplement. We also do magnesium baths when needed. Lucky for us, Kindred loves sauerkraut so we give her 1-2 TBSP serving of Bubbies Naturally Fermented Sauerkraut to boost her gut bacteria. Probiotic supplements lose SO MUCH bacteria in their manufacturing and shipping process. I love to source with food whenever possible. 

I used to take quite a few different supplements since one of the perks of running a health store is a pretty consistent supply of freebies. Since I enrolled in a folk herbalism course in the fall of 2020, I have been trying to get my vitamins, minerals, adaptogens, etc...from herbal infusions I drink daily. I really love how I feel when I drink a daily quart of nettles, linden+oatstraw, passionflower, and tulsi+burdock root. I feel like I'm constantly drinking something, but I've never been so hydrated and my body can certainly tell a difference. I have a growing collection of bulk herb bags in my cabinets, but it's pretty cost-effective as they last quite awhile. I also bought Kalm With Kava kava root powder for days that anxiety creeps in and I make a strong cup of kava + coconut cream & milk, plus chai spices and some sweetener. You can find some great educational info on their website. I have also used the Happy Healthy Hippie brand and I am always satisfied with their supplements. If I can't sleep, nothing tops their Namastay In Bed. I was feeling overwhelmed in 2020, like most everyone else was, and so I supplemented with their Joy-Filled to stay on top of any hopeless feelings that came up. I do take CBD occasionally, and my favorite is Foria Wellness brand. They are organic, sustainable, regenerative, and they make a CBD arousal oil called Awaken that is loaded with plant-based aphrodisiacs and is super fun. 
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