Kindred's Daily Supplements

(left to right)

  • Ancient Minerals magnesium flakes- this is what I use to make my magnesium spray, but for Kindred, we just add 1/2 cup to her warm bath and we call it her nightly soak. She struggles with regularity, but this has helped her so much. 
  • Nordic Naturals Children's DHA- she gets 1/2 tsp (recommended serving size) and there are 96 doses in this bottle. It smells overwhelmingly like strawberries, but the taste is pretty bland with an oily consistency. We add it to a small amount of juice in a medicine cup. I have spoken with several parents who swear by DHA for ADD & ADHD. I have also heard many personal testimonies about it supporting children with autism. 
  • Garden of Life Probiotics- if Kindred does not take this every day, she does not poop. This theory has been well tested in our home. She's a c-section baby and did not receive the benefit of being exposed to my bacteria on her way out. She has been irregular since she was 3 months old and strictly breastfed. We added in the probiotic powder when she was an infant and started the stronger chewables when she was a toddler. This is a must-have for her. 
  • Vitamin Friends Iron gummies- Kindred has tested borderline anemic on a couple different occasions. She was prescribed the standard iron drops, but since she suffers from chronic constipation, I researched better sources of iron and decided to go with this one. At her next check-up, her iron had increased, her pediatrician was happy...and none the wiser that it wasn't from a pharmaceutical. I am going to switch to the MyKind Organics Plant Iron & Organic Herbs when this bottle runs out. I prefer food sources whenever possible, over synthetic ingredients. 
  • Herb Pharm Immune Avenger- for flu season immune support. We do between 5-10 drops in a medicine cup full of grape juice and 1/4 tsp elderberry concentrate. She doesn't mind the taste at all. 
  • MyKind Organics Vitamin C spray- the orange is just a little tart and it takes 5 sprays to get the 60mg of vitamin C. I love that it is organic and food sourced! We bought it to cofactor her iron supplement as it increases absorption. She takes the spray at the same time she gets her iron gummy.
  • Animal Parade Vitamin D3 drops- each drop is 200 IUs serving. And, it takes FOREVER for one little drop to fall out. We add between 2-5 drops depending on variables such as sunshine exposure, social outings, and sickness. We add it to a small amount of orange juice in a medicine cup. 
  • Natural Vitality Natural Calm magnesium- is a citrate and since it is not as absorbed, it acts as a laxative on its way out. We occasionally do this midday as it does not make her sleepy. If I take Natural Calm in the evening, it does makes me feel quite relaxed and I fall asleep faster.
  • mykind Organics Kids Multi Gummies- organic & non-GMO whole foods vitamins Kindred takes. Made by Garden of Life. She takes 4 gummies a day. (not pictured)
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