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Tuesday, May 15, 2018
  • Magnesium spray- I make my own by dissolving magnesium flakes in distilled water. I spray my legs, belly, & arms in the evening. I personally don't like the way it feels on my skin, so I try to spray about an hour before I get in the shower. Magnesium is best absorbed transdermally. The spray can sting, especially at first when a deficiency is present. Kindred did not tolerate it well. Since she has constipation issues, I just use Natural Calm, which is magnesium citrate (not as easily absorbed so it acts as a laxative on its way out). 
  • Buried Treasure VM100 Complete multivitamin + minerals- I actually got this as a freebie from Buried Treasure and so far I really like it. I used to take Life's Fortune when I managed the health store because we had a constant supply of sample packs. I got more of a energy effect from the LF because of the greens formula, but I just feel better on the VM100. I put the recommended 2 tbsps of this in my daily drink. 
  • Bragg's Apple cider vinegar- I use in a little bit of water for alkalinity. Also, I have rough red patches that flare up on the sides of my nose and middle of my forehead during times of too much stress and sugar consumption. I wash my face, apply the ACV to the spots, and it burns like fire, but the next day I see a reduction in redness and it flakes off. I also take this as a UTI prevention measure, as I am prone to getting them.
  • Wyldewood Cellars Elderberry concentrate- As immune support primarily during flu season, I prefer the concentrate over the syrup because there is no sugar which lowers immunity. Tastes a little like wine. I do 1 tsp daily, unless I am actively sick and then I bump up to acute dosage of 1 tsp 3-5 times daily. 
  • Fire Cider- I am committed to making my own fire cider come this fall. I always procrastinate and then I need it right away and it takes a few weeks to cure out. So, I plan to make several batches starting in September and be ready for flu season next fall. If you ever try it, you can see the value in how it burns. If you are congested, it will open you up!
  • New Chapter Zyflamend- just a great anti-inflammatory blend I take to ward off pain. 
  • Gaia Ashwagandha- Support for my adrenal glands and to keep cortisol levels under control during this time of stress for our family. I am a huge believer in adaptogenic herbs and Ashwagandha (ash-wah-gah-n-dah) is my favorite!
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  • CVSciences Green CBD 1mg spray- CBD is something I am most impressed with in the health store. We have a young man who has ceased having his neurological tics since starting CBD supplementation. We hear many cases of chronic pain & anxiety management with CBD. It is creating a lot of buzz right now, but I say it has earned it! In early December, I started taking two sprays (1mg) in the evening and found that I fell asleep without laying in bed being held captive by mental chatter. If I know I am going into a super stressful situation, I may take a spray or two in an effort to remain as calm as possible. The green formula is 16% CBD and the way it is processed makes it best suited for people first starting CBD or for insomnia, anxiety, mild pain. Currently, I am at 3mg as my dosage.
  • Kyolic Garlic Formula 103- For year round immune support, and other health benefits, I take this formula. I just do 2 caps a day.
  • Nordic Naturals DHA- has been a game-changer for me lately. We all need a good omega source since we just don't eat enough fish in the SAD. And, in our house, we eat even less because of a fish allergy. I realized how deficient I was in essential fatty acids when I started taking DHA and could tell a significant difference in my focus/memory. We have parents who swear by DHA for ADD & ADHD. I have also heard many personal testimonies about it supporting children with autism. So, I added it to my daily supps and now I would not go without it. These are my largest capsules, by the way. They are really big and smell like a yummy strawberry. If I burp them, I only taste strawberry which is more than you can say for most fish oils.
  •  CVSciences Gold CBD 3mg drops- the gold formula is better suited for chronic pain and the neurological conditions I mentioned above. Before I started applying the essential oils, I was using the gold CBD on days my hip was hurting. To get the full 3mg, it is 15 drops. The company suggests you start out with 1-5 drops and work your way up. For me, it is between 5-10 drops before I feel relief. 
  • Solaray Maca- I have added this to my regimen in the past month for hormone support. I am having some wacky cycles and symptoms of perimenopause like insomnia, hot flushes. Maca is also great for stimulating male & female libido. It has been studied for helping with sperm motility in males. You can buy it in powder form and add it to your daily smoothies, which I also do when I am craving a chocolate (cacao) malty (maca) protein (peanut butter) shake. 
  • Garden of Life Vegan D3- is not really a summer staple, unless I catch something. I get plenty of sunshine.
  • North American Herb & Spice Co- I take this only during a serious illness as I treat it like an antibiotic. Oregano also specifically targets the bacteria which causes UTI's and bladder infections and since I am prone to those, I have actually used this to treat a pretty bad UTI and it was effective in the same timeframe as an antibiotic has been before. I put it in an empty capsule because it is crazy bad. It burns, it doesn't go away, just trust me and do the capsule.
  • Garden of Life Urinary Tract Probiotic- special strains formulated to keep UTIs at bay and 500mg of cranberry extract in every capsule. I've had a rough couple of months where my go-to D-mannose didn't quite kick a UTI, so I took antibiotics which also didn't really kick it and so it flared back up and the oregano took care of it. Once this jar runs out, I may do one more month of these and then switch back to the Colon Care probiotic. 
  • Enzymedica Digest Gold- is not something I have to take every day, but when acid reflux or indigestion flares up, I know I could be running low on enzymes, so I add this supplement in. One capsule with meals. And, if the indigestion ever hits and I am in pain from gas & bloating, I grab a tsp of fennel seeds and, once you power through the licorice taste, the results are amazing. You will be belching and relieving that pressure within minutes!  
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